Globalisation: the rise and fall of an idea that swept the world

July 21, 2017 / 0 comments

“The annual January gathering of the World Economic Forum in Davos is usually a placid affair: a place for well-heeled participants to exchange notes on global business opportunities, or powder conditions on the local ski slopes, while cradling champagne and canapes. This January, the ultra-rich and the sparkling wine returned, but by all reports the mood was…

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Vision with New Lenses: On Designing with Machine Vision

June 6, 2017 / 0 comments

Extract from Archinet: “We increasingly design and inhabit spaces occupied and navigated by both humans and autonomous machines, each with their own unique methods of seeing and sense-making. In this gap between human and machine perception opens a new frontier: how does machine learning transform the vision of the designer?” Link:

Galapagos + Grasshopper + Rhinoceros

May 12, 2017 / 0 comments

Nashtifan Windmills

May 10, 2017 / 0 comments

In the village of Nashtifan in northeastern Iran, Mohammad Etebari serves as the last keeper of an ancient tradition. Now elderly, Etebari has dedicated his life to keeping the town’s few dozen historic windmills turning. LINK:


March 2, 2016 / 0 comments

So after 14 months of building, the Marble Machine is finished. A special day for us. Swedish Filmmaker Hannes Knutsson from Lefvande Bilder has filmed and edited the music video that will Premiere Monday, February 29:th. Hannes has gone down as deep with the Machine as i have and i cannot enough express my gratitude…

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February 25, 2016 / 0 comments

Part 2: Farewell to modernism − and modernity too Here she contrasts three paradigms − or as she prefers, ‘cultural ecologies’ − Modernity, Deconstructionist Postmodernism (the transitory, hyper-relativist mode of thought usually referred to as Postmodernism) and Ecological Postmodernism, which she implies is the emerging long-term successor to modernity. Her vision of Ecological Postmodernism is…

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February 17, 2016 / 0 comments

Mowing ditch banks with a Claas Xerion 3300 VC ”Octopus” equipped with four Herder Grenadier MBK LSH mowing booms from contractor Hack from Kruisland, The Netherlands. Facebook Link


February 5, 2016 / 0 comments

A conversation with the MIT Professor and Director of the Media Lab’s Smart Cities Group.


February 4, 2016 / 0 comments

Dennis Shelden, Chief Technology Officer at Gehry Technologies, asserts ‘a networked spatial approach to design informatics’ that brings together a spatial understanding with a current knowledge of geometry, the digital and modern communications. This emphasises the connections between not only forms and objects in space, but also among disciplines in a collaborative practice context and of the Web itself. It is a connectedness that has been further…

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February 4, 2016 / 0 comments

A synthesis of organic and synthetic parts, the cyborg in film and fiction provides an important means in the digital age by which to question and explore the difference between human and artificial intelligence. As cyberspace becomes ever more pervasive, and invasive, and interfaces become softer, William J Mitchell’s vision of plugging the individual’s nervous system into electronic organs…

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